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Modular Leverage Protocolpowered by Credit Account abstraction

Earn passive APY by lending your assets - or get up to 10x to margin trade on Uniswap and leverage farm points on UniswapYearnConvexCurveUniswapYearnConvexCurve

Choose your side

Gearbox Protocol uses Credit Account abstraction to bring together lending and prime brokerage in the same protocol. Lenders deposit assets to earn passive yield, while the leverage side users borrow these assets to create spot leverage positions, which can be used across DeFi.

  • Passive Yield
  • Low Risks
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First side: For passive liquidity providers who don't want to actively manage their positions and simply want to get APY rewards in the same asset.

Earn passive APY
robots on the beach
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  • Passive Yield
  • Low Risks

First side: For passive liquidity providers who don't want to actively manage their positions and simply want to get APY rewards in the same asset.

Earn passive APY
  • Degening
  • Manage Risks

Second side: For leverage users (Ninjas, as we call them) who actively degen in top farms, manage their own risks, and are very active in DeFi.

Trade with MarginLeverage Farm

Provide capital and earn yield

Earn passive APY without impermanent loss. No lockup on your capital or withdrawal fees.
Just sit back and earn yield!

AssetSupplyBorrowedSupply APY

Leverage dApp selection

Do you want to leverage farm or margin trade? We currently have two different interfaces tailored towards these use cases. Keep in mind that on the contract level, you can compose any position

Leverage Restaking & Leverage Points!
Earn 10x the restaking points coming from Ether.Fi, Renzo, Stakewise, and others!
Start Leveraging Points
Strategies with 30% APY or more
Use leverage to farm 30% on stablecoins and ETH - via Curve, Convex, Lido, and other protocols. You decide your own risks, no vaults. One-click aping will save you time and gas!
 7× Long
 5× Short
Decentralized Margin Trading
Trade WBTC, ETH, UNI, LINK, LDO, RPL, and other tokens with leverage - on real spot DEXes like Uniswap and Balancer! There are no funding rates and no house to trade against you.

Get ×10 leverage and use it across DeFi

Are you a degen, a strategist, a protocol, a firm... doesn't matter! If you have alpha and want to earn more by using leverage – open a Credit Account. It's like your smart contract leveraged wallet: do everything you already love, but with more capital.

  • Organic liquid APY from the largest $-billion protocols.

  • Choose between the highest yields and position safety.

  • Delta-neutral, cross-collateral, or whatever else YOU decide.


Up to ×10 leverage is available now on Uniswap, Sushiswap, Curve, Lido,
Convex, Yearn, and more!



x10 Leverage


Want to see more?

Build adapter to your favorite protocol and get approve by Gearbox DAO.

Gearbox Protocol is potentially composable with many DeFi & NFT protocols, and is designed as a building block, a primitive. You can build an integration for your protocol, and even ask Gearbox DAO for a grant to help you out!

See current integrationsGithubDev docs


While no number of audits can make any protocol fully safe, we do our best to make it as secure as possible. Please keep in mind that security is a continuous process, so make sure to verify what protocol version has been audited by who.

Immunefi. Bounties up to $200,000

Review code. Prevent hacks. Build rep. Get paid.

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Governed by GEAR community

Gearbox DAO is in charge of all protocol operations. Be it voting for parameters, new assets, protocol fees, and so on. There is no admin key in the hands of any one single person.

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Join Gearbox DAO

Join Gearbox DAO and contribute to different aspects of the protocol: governance, integrations, marketing - you name it. Our ranks are steadily growing. Other teams and firms are welcome to build modular leverage together!

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